Wanderer is a body of work completed in Germany while on a fellowship from Deutscher Akademisher Austaush Dienst (DAAD). I was interested in retracing the paths of notable German artists from various historical periods to see how their legacies might live on in the country, and to explore ideas of romanticism in relation to contemporary, post-war landscapes.

I spent time in Greifswald, the hometown of 19th-century painter Caspar David Friedrich, in Köln, where photographer August Sander once had a studio, and in Kassel, where Joseph Beuys had 7,000 oak trees planted throughout the city in the 1980s. In Greifswald, I found several public murals that mimicked Friedrich's style and romantic subject matter situated in particularly unromantic locations. In Köln, the site of Sander's former studio (bombed during WWII) now houses a grocery store, medical offices, and apartment buildings. In Kassel, the trees (and the accompanying basalt markers) that Beuys planted have permanently changed the landscape of the city.


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